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How MATAMATA works

November 14, 2014
MATAMATA mechanism

MATAMATA mechanism

Buy One Give One. Always. 

So, here is how MATAMATA program works:

Step 1: We collect your orders, write down the number of pairs sold and save it in our file. Every pair sold will be in 1:1 ratio with what will be donated.

Step 2: We wait until certain bulk quantity deemed sufficient for donation.

For example – Primary school A has 500 students who complaint about eyesight problems, and most of them don’t have the initiative to wear corrective (glasses). In this case, 500 pair of Wakatobi frames sold is the magic number to activate MATAMATA.

Another example – Or, we could go with much less. When we encounter a special case such as Mr. Maruf’s, we won’t hesitate to run MATAMATA to individuals. Without having to wait to certain quantities. What matters are these people get access to a better eye care service.

Step 3: We collaborate with our trusted partner in optical business to execute MATAMATA. Our partner will perform eye examination to target recipients and transfer the prescription to us. We will take it from there.

Step 4: We process the optical frames donated BY YOU. Please note that these frames would not be the same product as the one you bought. They may not be as fashionable, but they will surely serve the purpose.

Step 5: We distribute the finished products together at one time. Along with necessary documentation.

Then we go back to Step 1.


And so on.


Have a blast weekend,

Team Wakatobi


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