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April 9, 2015

Kali ini Wakatobi Eyewear berkesempatan untuk memberikan bantuan kacamata kepada para pekerja keramba terapung lepas pantai di Lampung. Bantuan kacamata ini bertujuan untuk melengkapi para pekerja dengan kacamata anti UV. Hal ini kami rasa diperlukan mengingat pada kesehariannya, para pekerja keramba terpapar sinar matahari yang berbahaya bagi mata mereka.

Sinar UV terbagi menjadi tiga tingkatan yaitu UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, UV-A dan UV-B harus dihindari karena mampu merusak jaringan mata. UV-A dapat merusak saraf pusat penglihatan dan makula, yaitu bagian dari retina yang terletak di bagian belakang mata. Sedangkan UV-B dapat merusak bagian kornea dan lensa. Dengan adanya kacamata ini membantu melindungi mata para pekerja dari sinar UV.


Mereka adalah pekerja di keramba terapung lepas pantai, pekerjaan sehari-hari mereka dimulai dari memberi makan ikan sebanyak 3-6 kali sehari, memandikan dan merawat ikan serta membersihkan jaring-jaring ikan.  Mereka terpapar langsung sinar matahari sekitar 4-5 jam sehari karena kondisi medan kerja yang hanya beratapkan langit biru, jika tidak sedang berteduh di pondokan terapung. Oleh karena itu, kami merasa pentingnya perlindungan untuk mata mereka dari radiasi langsung sinar UV.


 Factsheet Matamata Ep.02:

Venue: Keramba terapung lepas pantai Lampung, Sumatera Selatan

Date: Week 2 of March 2015

Target: Anti-UV400  sunglasses for fishermen


Ep.03: Panti Kasih Mulia Sejati ( – April 25tjh, 2015

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Manifesto Spring Bazaar

April 2, 2015

manifesto copy

Only 3 days to @manifestojkt Spring Bazaar!
Say hello to us at booth F2 & win yourself a FREE sunglass and more:

1. Special discount for BCA CC holders 
   20% off on Thursday for minimal 2 pairs purchased
   15% off on Friday for minimal 2 pairs purchased

2. Gift Voucher IDR 100,000 when you visit our booth & sign up for mailing list 

3. Photo Contest – win yourself a FREE sunglass! 

Backdrop 4 copy


Win yourself a FREE Wakatobi sunglass at Manifesto Spring Bazaar!

Here’s how:
1. Visit our booth F2 
2. Take a photo with this backdrop (pictured)
3. Upload to Instagram & tag us @thewakatobi with hashtag #wakatobicontest #manifestojkt
4. Put caption “i’m at @thewakatobi booth F2 in@manifestojkt Grand Indonesia!”
5. Most liked photo win a pair of Wakatobi sunglass

voucher copy



Simply drop by our booth F2, sign up for mailing list & win this IDR 100,000 gift voucher to be used on the event.

*Limited quantity available*

backdrop - wakatobi FINAL 1

Don’t miss the mural in Manifesto Spring Bazaar booth F2 by blogger @besinikel 
Meet her personally on Thursday & get a FREE handrawn calendar for every Wakatobi frame purchased (limited quantity)

See you real soon!

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Matamata Ep.01

March 15, 2015

The honor of inaugural Matamata program went to *drumroll* Asrama Yatim Mizan Amanah, Bogor! *fireworks exploding*

Why them?

Well, the reason is simple: we drove past the place everyday, and they have this huge billboard that almost says “hey, we are here!”

You just can’t ignore them.

A little background about the organisation:

Mizan Amanah is a non-profit organisation which serve orphans & economically-challenged children. They provide housing, scholarship and of course, free meal 3x a day. They even go the extra mile by providing after-school teaching for homework and religious education. Currently, there are 20 houses which located in Jabodetabek, Jawa Tengah, Jawa Timur, and Kalimantan. The age of the children is ranging from infant to 18 years old. In our case, the house serves to primary school children only.

We started with eye examination on the first visit with help from our partner Vision Optik. Based on earlier info, we will be performing examination to 21 children & 8 adults. The cutoff for giveaways is to the power of -075.

The kids looked happy and well maintained . The boys were playing football and the girls were having lunch when we came in. It was just about the right time: leisure time. The whole process was straight forward & we wrapped up in roughly 2 hour time. We took group photos &  bid our goodbye, see you again soon. (See pics below)

The results from the exam were far from bad. Generally, their eyes are healthy with an exception of one child & one staff. However, they are still treatable nonetheless. None of them have worn prescription glasses before, but now some of them must.

Three weeks after, we came back for the delivery. The kids still remembered us to our surprise. They look excited in anticipation of their new glasses. We distributed them one by one as you can see in the photos (below). In the end, we also did a short interview with the staffs which you can watch in this video clip:

Priceless is the expression on the children’s faces. And we know that it is not only because of the material gift. Rather, it is the feeling that they know that somebody cares for them. For that reason, we will continue to commit to this program. We know that even little by little, each of us can make a difference. So, feel free to recommend us any target recipient for Matamata that you deemed fit the program.

Anyways, here are some of the BTS:

W for Wakatobi!

W for Wakatobi!

Mr Edmund Carulli, CEO Wakatobi Eyewear assisting the examination

Mr Edmund Carulli, CEO Wakatobi Eyewear assisting the examination

Staff of our partner Vision Optik

Staff of our partner Vision Optik performing eye exam


Mr Eumir Bethbeder, CFO Wakatobi Eyewer with Mr Ali, pengurus Mizan Amanah

Mr Eumir Bethbeder, CFO Wakatobi Eyewer with Mr Ali, staff Mizan Amanah

Mr Mario Pattan, CMO Wakatobi Eyewear with Mr Yaya, head of Mizan Amanah Bogor

Mr Mario Pattan, CMO Wakatobi Eyewear with Mr Yiyi, head of Mizan Amanah Bogor

Our new glasses, finally yeay!

Our new glasses, finally yeay!

Fact Sheet Matamata Ep.01:

Venue : Asrama Yatim Mizan Amanah, Sukasari, Bogor , Jawa Barat, Indonesia (

Date: 12/2/15 (eye examination), 13/3/15 (delivery)

Target: primary school children (orphans)

Partner: Vision Optik (

Up next:

Ep.02: fishermen in Bandar Lampung sea – week 3 of March 2015

Ep.03: Panti Kasih Mulia Sejati, Jakarta – April 25th 2015


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Photoshoot Ep.03

February 9, 2015

Photoshoot Ep.03 marked our first collaboration with another local brand: Kivee. Kivee is a fashion line based and self-manufactured in Jakarta. The brand is founded by arguably the most energetic and creative sisters we’ve ever met: Holly & Hellen. We chose Kivee because of our similarity in style: young at heart, hip & modern. You can check out their collections at or their offline channel at Mall Ambassador. Moreover, they are also available at leading online fashion store such as Lazada and BerryBenka. We are fans of Kivee and we look forward for another collaboration in the future!

Meanwhile, here are some BTS pictures & fact sheet of our Photoshoot Ep.03:

Date : 23/1/15

Venue: Kotak Imaji, Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan

Photographer: Doddy Nugraha (IG @dodynugraha)

Models: Kristin (IG @kristinxamber), Arin (IG @arnsfr)

MUA: Arum Dimitry (IG @arumphy)

Wardrobe: Kivee (

Arin in Malacca


MUA Arum & Kristin

MUA Arum & Kristin

The photographer & the model

The photographer & the model


Don’t forget the umbrella,

team Wakatobi

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Photoshoot Ep.02

December 16, 2014

Our second session was done on the same studio as last time: NEST STUDIO at Jl. Ampera 123A, Jakarta Selatan.

This time we wanted to focus on male section of the collections and our buddy, Ryan Silfanus, has agreed to help us with the photo shoot.

Like Merrie (and ourselves included!), Ryan is another young entrepreneur who helped us with the project. Despite his good look, Ryan is a smart, soft-spoken, and well mannered guy. And he would definitely be a finalist if there’s a TV show called “Indonesia’s Most Eligible Bachelor”!

Ryan Silfanus in Bornea

Ryan Silfanus in Bornea

Anyway, by learning from previous experience, we did things quite efficiently this time. We got our shots & wrapped up the session in less than 3 hour. Check out our behind the scene photos below:


Get to know Ryan more at instagram @ryansilfanus

*PSSTTT FOR BLOG READER* A little update on shipment, we look to deliver your order between 23-28 of December 2014. Thanks for your patient!

Happy holiday (almost),



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Week 2: Wakatobi Quiz

December 16, 2014
We are back with another giveaway!
This time we offer you the Natuna model to style-up your days:
Answer the following question & win our Natuna sunglass!

Answer the following question & win our Natuna sunglass!

Langkah-langkah ikut kontes:
1. Like FB page Wakatobi Eyewear/Instagram @thewakatobi/Twitter @thewakatobi
2. Tulis jawaban kamu di bagian comment postingan Wakatobi Quiz disertai mention @thewakatobi dan hashtag #wakatobiquiz (khusus Instagram) atau #wktbtquiz (khusus Twitter)
3. Konten tagline tidak boleh mengandung unsur SARA
*Pemenang alasan terbaik akan mendapatkan 1 pasang Natuna sunglass.
*Pemenang alasan terlucu akan mendapatkan voucher Wakatobi Eyewear senilai IDR 200,000
  • Pemenang kontes akan diumumkan akhir periode kontes.
  • Keputusan pemenang terbaik dan terlucu bersifat final dan hadiah tidak bisa ditukar uang tunai.

Good luck peeps!


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Week 1: Tagline Contest

December 3, 2014
Mau kacamata gratis dari Wakatobi Eyewear?
Ikuti Weekly Contest kami di Facebook, Instagram, dan Twitter!
Setiap minggunya kami akan mengadakan kontes dan akan ditunjuk 1 pemenang terbaik untuk mendapatkan kacamata Wakatobi & 1 pemenang favorit untuk mendapatkan Voucher senilai IDR 200,000.
Untuk Week 1, kontesnya adalah….*drumroll*…..
WKTB Tagline Contest

WKTB Tagline Contest

Langkah-langkah ikut kontes:
1. Like FB page Wakatobi Eyewear/Instagram @thewakatobi/Twitter @thewakatobi
2. Tulis tagline ciptaan kamu di bagian comment postingan Wakatobi Tagline Contest disertai mention @thewakatobi dan hashtag #wakatobitaglinecontest (khusus Instagram) atau #wktbtagline (khusus Twitter)
3. Konten tagline tidak boleh mengandung unsur SARA
*Pemenang tagline terbaik akan mendapatkan 1 pasang Wakatobi Eyewear (frame/sunglass).
*Pemenang tagline terlucu akan mendapatkan voucher Wakatobi Eyewear senilai IDR 200,000
  • Pemenang kontes akan diumumkan akhir periode kontes.
  • Keputusan pemenang terbaik dan terlucu bersifat final dan hadiah tidak bisa ditukar uang tunai.
  • Wakatobi berhak memakai tagline yang diciptakan oleh peserta kontes untuk penggunaan promosi di social media.

Good luck peeps!

#wakatobitaglinecontest  #wktbtagline

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Photoshoot Ep. 01

November 29, 2014

We have finished our Photoshoot  Episode 01 at NEST Studio, Jl Ampera, Jakarta Selatan with help from two lovely ladies: Merrie Elizabeth as model/endorser and Arum Dimitri as stylist/model.

Merrie is an entrepreneur, a Green Ambassador (for some brand), and a fit blogger. She is the epitome of a modern woman: smart, independent, and hard working. Her ventures include Nusantara Salt and the upcoming BloBar at Jl. Benda, Kemang (opening December 6th, check it out!)

Merrie Elizabeth in our Batavia

Merrie Elizabeth in our Batavia

While Arum is a talented stylist, blogger, and aspiring fashion designer. Arum is an energetic and fun person. Her presence makes the whole process seems easier. In the end, we decided to take her shot as well.

Arum in our Benoa

Arum in our Benoa

We started rough at the beginning. Probably we got nervous since it was our first time taking Wakatobi photos *with real human being*. But as we progressed, we learned quickly of what we want to do and  the session ended up well. Check out our behind the scenes photos below:



Get to know Merrie more at Instagram @merrieelizabeth and her blog

And Arum at Instagram @arumphy and


If you haven’t, our Pre-launch set is still available at limited quantity. Get yours today & win a free trip to Wakatobi.


Have an epic Saturday,

Team Wakatobi





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Let’s Go To Wakatobi!

November 29, 2014

As we have mentioned before, we are giving away a trip to Wakatobi islands for two (2) by simply purchasing our Pre-Launch set at IDR 595,000. You will get a limited edition wooden box, customized lens cleaner and an entry for sweepstake to Wakatobi, along with your Wakatobi frame. This package is only available for the first 200 customers only. So you’d better be quick!

If you want to order you can reach us here:

LINE: thewakatobi

WA: 081314989507


Check out our Prelaunch collections at our Prelaunch landing page

More pics and products will be updated regularly.

Read: T&C Wakatobi sweepstake

Read: T&C Wakatobi sweepstake

Don’t be hesitate to chat with us.


At your service,

Team Wakatobi

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How MATAMATA works

November 14, 2014
MATAMATA mechanism

MATAMATA mechanism

Buy One Give One. Always. 

So, here is how MATAMATA program works:

Step 1: We collect your orders, write down the number of pairs sold and save it in our file. Every pair sold will be in 1:1 ratio with what will be donated.

Step 2: We wait until certain bulk quantity deemed sufficient for donation.

For example – Primary school A has 500 students who complaint about eyesight problems, and most of them don’t have the initiative to wear corrective (glasses). In this case, 500 pair of Wakatobi frames sold is the magic number to activate MATAMATA.

Another example – Or, we could go with much less. When we encounter a special case such as Mr. Maruf’s, we won’t hesitate to run MATAMATA to individuals. Without having to wait to certain quantities. What matters are these people get access to a better eye care service.

Step 3: We collaborate with our trusted partner in optical business to execute MATAMATA. Our partner will perform eye examination to target recipients and transfer the prescription to us. We will take it from there.

Step 4: We process the optical frames donated BY YOU. Please note that these frames would not be the same product as the one you bought. They may not be as fashionable, but they will surely serve the purpose.

Step 5: We distribute the finished products together at one time. Along with necessary documentation.

Then we go back to Step 1.


And so on.


Have a blast weekend,

Team Wakatobi