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Wakatobi: The Origin

November 11, 2014


Wakatobi is a brand for the modern soul. It is more than just an eyewear. It is a lifestyle.

The name Wakatobi came from our deepest love to our birthplace, Indonesia, the largest archipelago on earth. We are very proud of the abundance of exotic and beautiful places on our land.


Wakatobi itself is an acronym of group of islands in Southeast Sulawesi region which forms the archipelago:



Tomia, and


It is famed as world’s best diving spot with its extraordinary marine biodiversity. A pleasure that all divers seek.

Those facts bring us to the philosophy that life is truly beautiful and should be enjoyed through each individual’s eyes, and helping people to get there is our vision.

We also believe that shopping for the right glasses should not be that difficult and expensive. We want to re-create the consumers experience in buying quality eyewear without having them to spend too much time and money.

Because for us, all that matters is that you look good and feel good in what you wear.

Keep checking on us regularly. We are approaching Pre-Launch session and we have plenty of surprises in store for you!


With love,

Team Wakatobi

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