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Photoshoot Ep.02

December 16, 2014

Our second session was done on the same studio as last time: NEST STUDIO at Jl. Ampera 123A, Jakarta Selatan.

This time we wanted to focus on male section of the collections and our buddy, Ryan Silfanus, has agreed to help us with the photo shoot.

Like Merrie (and ourselves included!), Ryan is another young entrepreneur who helped us with the project. Despite his good look, Ryan is a smart, soft-spoken, and well mannered guy. And he would definitely be a finalist if there’s a TV show called “Indonesia’s Most Eligible Bachelor”!

Ryan Silfanus in Bornea

Ryan Silfanus in Bornea

Anyway, by learning from previous experience, we did things quite efficiently this time. We got our shots & wrapped up the session in less than 3 hour. Check out our behind the scene photos below:


Get to know Ryan more at instagram @ryansilfanus

*PSSTTT FOR BLOG READER* A little update on shipment, we look to deliver your order between 23-28 of December 2014. Thanks for your patient!

Happy holiday (almost),



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