November 7, 2014

MATAMATA is a sub-program of Wakatobi project which focuses on our commitment in supporting the eyecare industry.

Everytime you buy a pair from us, we will donate another pair to the people in need.

Because simply, we believe that every individual deserves to enjoy the gift of sight. And together we can make an impact to make it possible.

How serious do we take this issue on eye health? Let us share our first hand experience on the importance of a proper vision correction.

Meet Mr. Mar’uf.

Mr Mar'uf

Mr. Mar’uf is a senior parking attendant and we would see him every morning because he is stationed outside our office, by chance,….or is it?

Our first impression of him was that he was an eccentric old man. He often chased and shout to outgoing cars and more often than not, the cars would just wheel away. Therefore, no parking money for him. Some other time, he would just stare at us blankly for a period of time while we were outside. Quite awkward.

After these events happen almost regularly, we hypothesized that he was either having a mental problem or a sight problem. So, we invited him into our office to perform an eye exam on him (because it was the more feasible procedure than to call a shrink!). The result was quite extraordinary. He was shortsighted on both eyes by the power of -14.00 which means he could only see clearly in roughly 1 meter radius. Now that explained the odd behaviors….

When we interviewed Mr. Mar’uf, he admit that he noticed that he had a chronic vision problem. He told us that he used to work in cinema as a curtain raiser for 15 years before switching to attend parking. He said he was exposed by blue light emitted from cinema screen in short distance on daily basis which affecting his eyesight badly. Then we asked why he did not get his eye checked earlier. And his answer was probably the inconvenient truth that jump-start this program:

“I was worried that it (a prescription glasses) would cost me a lot of money…and I don’t have any.”

Long story short, we made him a prescription glasses- at no cost (obviously, because that is the whole point of this story, duh). And now he is happy. Well, at least from his look in this picture:


Keep checking on us regularly. We will explain the mechanism of MATAMATA program in the next blog.


Team Wakatobi



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